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In a disruptive and uncertain world, where digitization, hybrid workforces, and globalization are changing how we work and live every day, lifelong learning anytime, anywhere is more important than ever. LAPUx can help you and your organization stay current, energized, and relevant through our courses, certificates, and digital badges that are exciting, fun, and applicable to your personal and professional life immediately! The content is of the highest academic and corporate quality. Delivered through LAPUx, the extension division of Los Angeles Pacific University, we offer both traditional and non-traditional Professional Development courses that meet every need. We have a world-class award-winning eLearning team designing these courses that excel in content, format, and fun.

What does a Christian leader in today’s world look like?

A Christian leader in today’s world is the steady light in the midst of chaos.  There has never been a better time to be able to show peace and steadfastness than right now.  Your actions are that light and steady ground that people need. 

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We feature practical insights on how to lead with authenticity and courage in a changing world!

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Insight and wisdom from our team, featuring the voices of LAPU President, Dr. John Reynolds and eLearning Director, Dr. George Hanshaw.

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This podcast is part of a growing collection of conversations with thought leaders in the corporate and non-profit higher education world who exemplify Christ-centered leadership. These thought leaders influence and contribute to meaningful professional development opportunities that seed our growing list of certificates and digital badges designed by our award-winning team who create world-class learning experiences that put humanity back into learning. Join us today in this journey to innovate and show the world what agile learning can be!

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