Psychological safety in the online classroom

On July 28th, LAPU hosted a webinar on Creating Psychological Safety in the Online Classroom. A classroom with high levels of psychological safety promotes greater student performance. Along with greater performance in the online classroom, students are more able to use what they learn in a unique way on the job. George Hanshaw, PsyD, Shannon Hunt, MA (Counseling), Kimberly Smarr, PsyD, Joshua Morgan, PsyD, and Diane Apegian, MA (Psychology) shared strategies to design and utilize the stages of psychological safety defined by Timothy Clark in his book, The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety. You are invited to Watch the Replay Video to explore ways to create psychological safety within your online classroom! Dr. Hanshaw gathered the ideas shared in the webinar chat and added them to this Miroboard where you can explore and find ways to engage with this important topic.

Here are five additional videos. One from each presenter. Here, each presenter elaborates on the topics they presented. Please feel free to review these additional resources:

  1. Dr. Kimberly Nelms Smarr Follow up on Inclusion Safety
  2. Shannon Hunt Follow up on Learner Safety
  3. Diane Apegian Follow up on Contributor Safety
  4. Dr. Joshua Morgan Follow up on Challenger Safety
  5. Dr. George Hanshaw on Specific Design for Online courses